How PS3’s Weirdest Game Made it to Pluto

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chris-littlechild - November 26, 2015

Japan, we freaking love you. Your insatiable hunger for perviness, weirdery and pervy weirdery is unmatched anywhere else on this ol' planet of ours. From vending machines dispensing panties on the streets to tentacles being inserted into bodily orifices where they don't belong, anything goes with you. We salute you for it.

In the gaming world, too, nobody does weird like Japan. Over the years, they've brought us such bizarre titles as Seaman (Dreamcast's virtual pet fish freakshow narrated by Leonard Nimoy), WarioWare and Cho Aniki (a scrolling shooter featuring far too many buff nekkid dudes). Then there was that arcade machine with the big plastic ass you had to spank.

I'm no stranger to the more bizarre side of video games, but one title had passed me by. Noby Noby Boy. This one hit PS3 back in 2009, and it centers around a creepy little worm thing named BOY. The object is to manipulate BOY's front and back ends separately with the left and right analog, and move forward by ‘stretching' him along. It's just as whack as it sounds, but there's more.

You earn points by said stretching, which you can register online and add to a ‘pool' accumulated by all Noby Noby Boy players worldwide (y'know, all three of them). By doing this, the community can stretch its way across the solar system, reaching a new planet with each points milestone.

This week, after almost seven damn years, GIRL (the other worm-freak who moves with said points online) finally reached Pluto. In real-life distance. Next stop, the Sun.

How many multimillion dollar AAA games do you see still going strong after seven years? Not many, that's how many. It warms my crusty heart to see a slice of quirky Japanese oddness like this still going  after that long. Good job, Noby Noby Boy. 

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