How Did We Miss This Lena Dunham Before And After Photo?

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Sam Robeson - December 13, 2018


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TFW you feel it so hard that you take it from stories to feed

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I'm so damn bored with the celebrity news that we're being told is interesting (Hailey Baldwin cut a couple of inches off her hair by the fucking way) that I actually wrote about a homeless Muppet today. I also found myself scrolling through Lena Dunham's Instagram because, believe it or not, we actually get a good deal of clicks on Dunham posts. You guys are obsessed and it horrifies me.

The only thing that horrifies more is of course Lena Dunham's body and face and personality, all of which are doing what they do best in this post from a whole month ago that we somehow missed. It's a before and after photo comparing the current healthy (except she's in the hospital 24/7 getting her penis attached, so...) body to her previous unhealthy one. She claims that she fetishized her "sick" body, which brought the grand total of people fetishizing Lena Dunham's body to one. This girl's obsession with dragging America through her self-indulgent journey towards losing every single damn one of her marbles is so incredibly sad and desperate. How dare you click on this.

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