How Did This Get Made: Disney’s Planes (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - March 21, 2013

Really Disney? Really? I wish I could've been at the meeting when the development exec stood up, cleared his throat and said, 'Well you know that movie Cars that made a shit-ton of money despite the fact that no one over the age of ten likes it? How about we make the exact same movie...but with PLANES???' Because that's basically all this movie is. And despite it taking place in the world of Cars, it's not even Pixar. They couldn't even be bothered. It's from another arm of Disney's animation studios, so that should tell you a lot.

Also, movies where vehicles are anthropomorphized really creep me out? Did they build themselves? Did someone else build them? Do people ride in them? It's like David Cronenberg--gross when you stop to think about the whole 'new flesh' of it all.  Also, it was originally meant to be a direct-to-dvd this fall but Disney gave it to the go-ahead into actual theaters this summer.

But here's how you know you're going to hate this thing: It's starring Jon Cryer Dane Cook. Oh, I'm sorry, did you think Jon Cryer was in this movie? Well he was. He was the voice of Dusty, the cropdusting plane that dreams of competing in a big race (sound a little too familiar for you yet?), and even appeared in the first teaser trailer, but then Disney decided to pull Cryer off the film and instead hand it over to everyone's favorite punching bag, Dane Cook. Because everyone loves Dane Cook...right?

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