How Big Is Your Wang? Condom Size Figures It Out, While These Other Apps Will Help You Find Some Rubber

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bill-swift - February 27, 2013

How big are you? For years, guys have been trying to edge each other out when it comes to their peen size. This usually leads up to a weenie roast where the guys who were dumb enough to admit that they have puny d'cks get laughed at mercilessly.

But the question remains... How big are you? And don't give us that trumped up figure because we know better.

Fact of the matter is, guys don't really know how to measure their peckers right. You don't just hold a ruler up to it while thinking about Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's pokey nips. Aside from the length, there's the girth to wrap your head around as well.

Saving the day for clueless males everywhere is the Condom Size app, which helps you measure your peen's length and wang with a digital measuring tape. Measuring your wiener size isn't just for bragging rights, either, as you might've already gleaned from the app's name. You need to know how big you really are so you can buy rubber that fits because, really, nothing's more pathetic than a guy who looks like he's got a loose glove hanging off his pecker.

Oh, and in case you're the type of guy who always forgets to carry a pack of jimmies and only remembers when it's almost time to do the deed, then there's a bunch of Condom Finder apps in the gallery to help you out as well. Remember, it pays to be a boy scout!

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