How A Chinese Company Is Taking Over the World of Video Games… With Chickens

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chris-littlechild - July 12, 2016

  The global economy isn’t looking so hot right now. It’s not the best time to buy a house, take a vacation or, y’know, buy food so you can eat and continue living. In this uncertain world, you can be throwing your dollartastic around as douchily as Kanye West one day, and be riding the rails with the other hobos the next. 

While it’s tough for us average joes, big businesses are feeling the pinch too. As we know, if there’s one thing these guys like, it’s making shitloads of cash. When big businesses aren’t making shitloads of cash, they’re super sad. This is where some of the best bailing-our-butts-out boardroom ideas come in. Here’s Leyou, with the best one I’ve seen in some time.

It was a natural next step, if you think about it. From supplying poultry to games development. Makes perfect sense to me. Chinese chicken company Leyou has bought Splash Damage, the creator of the Wolfenstein games based in Merry Olde England.

‘Leyou said it's hoping to diversify its business as a result of its poultry efforts facing an "arduous task" in light of expenses related to feed-production and slaughtering, among other things,’ GameSpot reports. ‘The video game market is growing, on the other hand, and this is why Leyou wants to get in.’

The Chinese chickentastic already own Canadian dev team Digital Extremes, having made a deal back in 2014. This is just their next step towards global video game domination.  You’ve got to admire their resourcefulness, anywho. We all know that there’s no harsher mistress than the bad, bad world of chicken feed.    

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