Egotastic! Q&A With Houston Texans Cheerleader Morgan ‘Moe’

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Michael Garcia - November 6, 2012

A couple weeks ago, I posted this gallery about Houston Texans cheerleader Morgan 'Moe,' who seemed to be one of the most photographed cheerleaders in the NFL, based on my own research of course. That post quickly became the most popular in the modest history of Egotastic! Sports, so naturally I had to reach out to Morgan for an interview.

It was no surprise to find out the Texas born and raised Morgan has always been a football fan and has always had a love for dancing and performing. But she's more than just a hot cheerleader, you might be surprised to find out she also does solid on-camera analyst work after all the Texans' home games.

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This is your third year on the squad, tell us what it was like when you found out that you had made it that first year. What was your reaction?  

I definitely wasn't expecting to make the team. I was living in the Virgin Islands when I decided to tryout and I researched and researched about the team when I was down there. I definitely was in awe when I showed up. Everyone had on blinged-out outfits with skin colored tights, and shiny boots. The girls had curled and teased hair with beautiful makeup on. Me being somewhat of a tomboy, I wasn't expecting my name called by Coach Alto on the night of the unveiling of the team. I would have never expected to make the team with so many talented and beautiful women, but what an honor it has been. They quickly transformed me from my tomboy ways! They had me dye my hair blonde, taught me how to wear my makeup and dress more feminine! I hadn't told many people I was trying out, so as soon as we were able to return back to our seats I started calling and sending the texts to all my closest family and friends!

How do you keep in such fantastic shape, outside of being part of the cheerleading team?

It is definitely difficult because time is not on your side.  I work a full-time job from 8-5 and then we show up to practice around 5:30 to practice and don't get out of our practice facility until 10-11pm. You try and get workouts in at every time possible!  The girls have gotten to where every minute you have counts; I even do squats while blow-drying my hair. It's funny where you have to find the time to do things. I also have seen two different nutritionists because diet is such a key role in staying fit.

I have to ask about the tongue on the teeth thing you's super sexy, so be honest, is that something that just happens or are you purposely trying to drive dudes crazy?

Haha…to be completely honest it's just something that happens!! I have a great time entertaining out there and I just sass it up! If you scroll through the photos that are taken of me at the game I always have some wild and crazy facial expressions!  It's just my personality!

What's it like to perform in front of more than 71,000 fans each game at Reliant Stadium, especially with the Texans killing it this season?

This season and last season have definitely been a blast to cheer for!  With the team doing so well, the fans are ecstatic, which makes it incredible. They participate in the cheers and are standing and chanting right along with us. The detail they put into their outfits and signs for the game, show that they put insane amounts of time preparing for the games! The fans are such great supporters of not only the team, but us as well. It's such a rush to be out on the field.

I think my favorite part of being on the field other than performing is when we line up in two lines and the football players run in between the lines!  The crowd goes crazy, screaming the captain's names!  It always gives me chills!

Are the cheerleaders expected to have a solid knowledge of football?

When we tryout for the team it is very common that a news camera will come up and quiz you on different football knowledge, so it is definitely smart to know some common football facts. I do a lot more research on the team because I put on a weekly YouTube video called Cheer Chat with a co-host from the Cheerleading Squad, where we talk about what has happened in the most recent game. I have also participated in multiple ESPN and KHOU interviews where the sportscasters try and stump me, so I try and stay as knowledgeable as possible.  This year I also started writing articles for about different cheerleaders around the league, so it helps to know what is going on around the NFL.

You grew up in Texas where football is king, have you always been a fan?  

I have always been a huge football fan! My house was all about college football growing up because we lived in Austin so the Longhorns were always the talk of the town. UT was also the school where many of my high school buddies ended up playing, so if we weren't at the game we were glued to the TV watching. Once I started cheering in the NFL, football has pretty much overtaken the weekends now!

Pretty much every NFL fan would love a chance to be on the sidelines for a game. What's it like being down there, and do you keep an eye on the action?

I definitely keep an eye on the action as much as possible.  As a cheerleader we really get to watch what's going on with the offense because that's the time you want the crowd to be quiet. We don't get to pay attention to the defense as much because we are trying to get the crowd pumped, but I definitely take some peeks over my shoulder because I am handed a mic for Cheer Chat 2 minutes before the game ends and expected to ramble off a few facts about the game!  And for the fact of being on the field, you can't take any of it for granted!  That's a seat that as you said everyone would love to have! I tell people my favorite part is to see the player's facial reactions when they make a big play!  The excitement in their eyes!

The sidelines can be a pretty dangerous place, how often do you and the other girls have to get out of the way when the action gets outside the field?

It's not as often as you would think, but it does happen!  You have to pay attention for sure and the crazy thing is because there are so many people standing in front of us, sometimes we get caught watching the jumbotron and don't realize the players are running at you and that's when the collisions happen.  Thank goodness none of our girls have been trampled, but it does happen.

Most guys would probably think that there is jealousy and backstabbing on the squad like some cheesy prime time drama, so what is it really like?

It's actually not like that at all.  It's a group of very mature females.  Obviously some girls are going to get more attention, or more opportunities, but it ends up all equaling out to where everyone gets some amazing opportunities.  We take it as it's such an honor to be on the team and there are plenty of women who would love to be in your spot, so never take anything for granted because if you do your spot can be just as easily taken away from you as it was given to you.  We are all really good friends that will remain friends for the rest of our lives.

Cheerleading isn't your full-time jobs, but you all must put in a lot of hours each week on routines for game day...tell us about the amount of work that goes into cheerleading in the NFL while still making a living.

Each team does things a little different, but the Houston Texans Cheerleaders have practice 3 days a week. We try and get there around 5:30 to practice before practice, 6:30 line practice, and 7:30-10:30ish is our coaches practice.  We have a minimum of 40 appearances a year and then the 10 games…and hopefully playoffs….and SUPERBOWL!

You actually do quite a bit of analyst work about the games, how did that come about?

I love sports and always have, especially football!  I'm not sure how it started, but when we had tryouts I sat at a table with Coach Alto and was just talking and talking sports. Alto decided to start a video during the season called Cheer Chat and I had told her I had always wanted to host or be in media, so I was honored when she asked me to host the show.

The Texans are about to have three straight road games starting November 22nd, is that a nice break for you guys or too long?

I would definitely say it's a nice break especially because it's during holiday times, so people will be able to make flights home to family and such.  The girls will still get together even though we aren't required because we will still have appearances to catch up on and we are actually having a girls night at my house where there is no stress involved and we can pig out and eat whatever we want!

Many thanks to Morgan for taking the time out for Egotastic! Sports. Follow Morgan on Twitter @HTC_Morgan and on Facebook at Morgan Moe HTC. And make sure to check out her work on Cheer Chat on Youtube.

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