HotPepperGaming’s Habanero-Eating Game Reviews are Ridiculous, Pointless and Hilariously Entertaining (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - August 14, 2013

As we all know, Youtube's supply of such things is expansive. There are more Let's Plays and reviews and such than you could shake your ‘nads at. It's like a festival of shit (and ‘zany personalities'), and everyone's invited.

To excel here, and thus attain the legendary groupie-gathering status of the ‘Tube celebrity, you need a gimmick. A unique selling point. A gaggle of guest stars willing to ravage their own bodies for the entertainment of others.

Meet HotPepperGaming. Since mid-July, these wacky funsters have been torturing their guests with the following simple, twofold concept:

1) Eat a chili pepper

2) Attempt to competently review the video game du jour.

Now, maybe we're just decrepit and old-fashioned, but in our day reviews didn't involve crying, begging for death/our mothers or any other variety of high-pitched wailing. Still, several tons of peppery death straight to the esophagus can do that to even the manliest men, and are game-nerds the manliest men? They are not.

Behold the latest amusingly sadistic installment above: ‘Egoraptor' reviewing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. The video description concludes, "Egoraptor is still alive, we promise."

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