Hot Sara Sampaio and a Red Ferrari for GQ

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bill-swift - March 14, 2017

Sara Sampaio mostly naked shot hanging over a bright red Ferrari by Mario Sorrenti for GQ Italy. What could be more Italian? Okay, granted, Sara Sampaio is not Italian, but Portuguese is in the neighborhood. And perusing the prurient nature of these sleek and sextastic photos, you could easily lose you strictness for geographic rules.

Hot women and fast cars have always gone together. It's the one reason really to ever own a fancy sports cars. Impress the ladies. In L.A. at least you can't drive over 8 mph except between 2am and 3am wherein you get a ticket for speeding. I'd take Sara Sampaio and her ridiculously fine female form over any car any day. With Sara around naked, I can't think of anywhere else I need to be. Enjoy.

Photo credit: GQ Italy