Hot Or Not? Katy Perry’s Sexy Long Hair Is Finally Back

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earl-jonas - May 7, 2018


At least for one night. Katy Perry turned heads while attending this weekend's live taping of American Idol - where as a judge she critiques others based on their singing ability. Isn't life crazy. Anyway, Perry debuted her new woke self in 2017 to coincide with her album Witness, and along with this transformation, we witnessed Perry chopping off her sexy hair in favor of a Bangerz era Miley Cyrus look.

The gorgeous Perry can make anything look hot, but those who weren't feeling her short long hair got a reprieve when she showed off a long luxurious weave - as well as gave us a look at her breast assets in a red dress - during her Idol gig on Sunday (video above). As a gentleman I keep my eyes on her unrivaled bazoongas where they belong, but if you want to be so superficial and shallow as to judge Katy on her appearance, then that's on you. So, the return of Katy Perry's long hair - hot or not?


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