Hooters Final Call

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elliot-wolf - August 23, 2017

Please don't tell me tits are going out of style. Hooters has been having a hard time and it's costing them restaurants. This world isn't what it was before. Men are being shamed for maintaining an erection whilst gorging on commercial recipe buffalo wings and watching the game. There are apps built to split the bill when men used to just alternate picking up the check for his brethren. There's nothing alpha about venmo'ing your buddy $5.95 for your portion of the fries. These deterrents alone have ceased men from going out as much, and Hooters is feeling the heat. 

Business Insider reported that the once-popular "breastaurant" Hooters is facing stagnating sales and restaurant closures due to a general lack of interest among young consumers. 

Ogling sweater stretchers used to be fun for guys and girls. More of an American past time than the big leagues. Now this ideology that all male primal urges fall into the sexual pig category is scaring off men. Why in 2017 should I have to hide Hooter receipts from my wife. I miss the days when it was just hiding my mileage after taking the long way home after work to flirt with a few hookers. Where are the topless women protesters when you actually need them. No boob has been shown to save these women's jobs. No one cares about the attractive women. 

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