Homage: Adriana Lima and That Sexy Black Dress

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bill-swift - May 4, 2017

We couldn't leave this week without a full on dedication of our hearts and loins ceremony to Adriana Lima and her sextastic, and sort of single hot mama, showing at the Met Gala. For all the potentially bigger fashion name celebrities and brouhahas, Adriana and her fine female form, not to mention a barely there dress, stole the top honors.

We don't get to attend a ton of galas in person. Something about no invitations and restraining orders, but these events do put aside all the silliness of Tinsel Town and get right down the the business of decked out hotties who make you want to make babies. Adriana Lima's showoff top and a bottom slit right up to her slice of heaven made her the gold medalist in that category. Let's play the national anthem of Brazil and do horribly naughty things to one another, Adriana. That dress probably cost more than my rent, for 2014-2016, but it looks simple enough to remove. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News