Holy Hot Mama Butt! Nicole Kidman Is Gonna Get Pregnant Again If She Keeps Posing Like That

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bill-swift - May 25, 2012

Let us today give thanks to the gloriously MILFtastic moms out there who make like that much more worth living, starting from pubescent boys and their neighbor lady fantasies up to, and never ending, for men with a thing for hot mamas, heaven sent beauties like Nicole Kidman who not only has it still going on, but whose rumpside yesterday in Cannes single-handedly caused 1,000 Frenchmen to uncross their legs and lower their lattes to the table.

Nicole Kidman worked the red carpet yesterday at Cannes for some kind of photoshoot, and looked every penny's worth a million bucks as she showed that the veteran hotties not only have plenty of sextastic to give, they got some old-school moves that many a hot young thang doesn't know the least bit about. How could one not feel an instinctive desire to offer up a playful slap of that booty? Or, maybe that's just me (but I highly doubt it). Enjoy.