Holy Hell, What’s This? 60× Hits You With the Motherload of Splash Pages

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bill-swift - January 24, 2013

Splash pages went out of style decades ago, and for good reason. They're annoying, they don't really serve any other purpose aside from annoying visitors to the site (now why would you want to do that?) and did I mention that they're annoying? As if the regular ones aren't bad enough, there are also pop-up splash pages to piss people off even more.

Splash pages were most likely responsible for driving hoards of site visitors away, which is why web designers avoid them like the plague. One site that welcomes them with more-than-welcome arms, though, is I kid you not, that URL is valid, but click through at your own risk because this site will hit you with a shitload of splash pages faster than you can say "WTF?"

This troll site is by artist Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung and he affectionately calls it '' for obvious reasons. You'll be hit with splash page after splash page, but the real kicker is that you won't be presented with a clear link as to how you can move forward. Instead, you'll have to painstakingly hunt for the 'enter' link throughout the splash images, which are generally NSFW in nature and are plainly an eyeful.

Up for the challenge? Then go ahead and proceed at your own risk.

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