Holy Crap It Is A New Game Of Thrones Season 6 Trailer!

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michael-garcia - April 11, 2016

This looks amazing. If I wasn't super psyched for the premiere of Game of Thrones Season 6 later this month, this new trailer has jacked me up. It looks like things are going to get REAL. Lannisters going to war with Jaime at the their head, Wildlings fighting what looks like The Boltons, Sansa about to get her revenge, Tyrion messing with dragons, Arya doing penance, Daenerys in a big heap of trouble with the Dothraki, and the friggin' White Walkers on the march. Seeing as no one that isn't bound by a strict NDA knows what the hell is going to happen, it is anyone's guess what all of this means. One thing is for certain: people are going to die. Like, a lot.

But we still don't know if Jon Snow and his magnificent hair will stay dead or if it will be him leading that Wildling army. We'll have to wait and see.