Holly Sonders Golf Hottie of the Year, Again

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bill-swift - January 16, 2017

Golf Channel's brunette babe Holly Sonders was named Golf Magazine's Most Beautiful Woman in Golf for 2017. I'm not sure but I think this is about four years in a row now for Holly who doesn't even play golf anymore. Not that that's the strict standard. Nor that she doesn't deserve such a title given her tingle inducing hot body and other alluring female form type qualities swirling about her. 

The number of crazy hot women playing professional golf remains fairly scant. The names throughout history are all well known. So until a player steps up into the level of blood flow Holly can drive to a man's thinking parts, you might as well hand her the trophy every single year. Or as I would like to do, hand it to her in a bubble bath for two. Quite the delicious bit of TV media golfing honey. Also, very good at her job. As if that's not important. Wait, what? Enjoy.

Photo credit: Golf Magazine