Hold On to Your Butts: Sony Is Going to Make a ‘Gran Turismo’ Movie

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bill-swift - July 25, 2013

If you're like me, you hammered out the buttons of dozens of Playstation controllers and wore your thumbs raw trying to perfect your racing skills in the original Gran Turismo.

Yep, The Wrap reports that Fifty Shades of Grey producers Dana Brunetti and Mike De Luca are going to bring Turismo to the big screen. what with all these kids these days and their record-breaking Fast and Furious racing movies, its not a huge shocker that Sony is turning that beautiful bestselling bastard of a franchise into Hollywood fare. 

With DreamWorks Pictures putting their own video game racing franchise in the works, Need for Speed which will hit theaters next year, and not much of a plot to speak of in the game, I'm a little nervous. Can they possibly ruin what is pretty much the best and most straight-forward racing game  of all time? Possibly. At least the soundtrack will be amazing.

When is going to come out? Who the hell knows. All I know now is that I've got a PS1 that needs to come out of storage.