‘Hitman’ In Real Life Is Great, Greater With The Chuckle Brothers

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chris-littlechild - March 14, 2016

  It’s easy to snark on the British. What with their tea, their awful teeth, their accents, their up-their-own-asses faux classy air, ol’ Queen Lizzy being pissed because she doesn’t own half the damn world any more… I’m British myself, you understand, so I can talk all the smack I want. No offense meant or taken. 

Another thing they’re known for? A pretty goddamn unique sense of humor. Slapstick, weirdness and slapstick weirdness is the Brit-tastic way, and no-one exemplified that quite like the Chuckle Brothers. Sure, they look like they belong on some government list of sex offenders, but the paedo-mustached duo were huge in kid’s TV in the Nineties.

So, in the same week that Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter was invited to Epic Games’ studios to try out Paragon and such, the Chuckle Brothers were getting their game on in honor of the spangly new Hitman. It’s like a festival of Nineties shit, right here, and everyone’s invited.

As Kotaku reports, IO Interactive set up a live-action version of Hitman to promote the new game. The two ‘entertainers’ got in on it, somehow, and proved to be two of the most bloodthirsty bastards you ever saw. It’s damn funny, but a little frightening too, and you’ll want to check it out:

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