‘Hitman’ Hits Us With Some Episodic Assassination Next Friday

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chris-littlechild - March 3, 2016

Ah, Agent 47. You bald, barcode-branded bastard. How I’ve missed you.

Hitman was one of the first big sandbox games. Whichever series entry you’re playing, the setup is simple. You’re given a target to assassinate, and dropped into their general vicinity. How you assess the situation, use the resources available and ultimately take out your victim is all up to you.

Over the years, players have come up with some creative, ingenious and sometimes pretty disturbing hits. You can infiltrate a fancy-ass building, disguised as a chef, to poison your prey’s food. You can also charge in, all bloodlust and Rambo-y testosterone, and waste everyone while dressed in a chicken suit. You can do all manner of ridiculous things in between. It’s up to you.

Since Hitman’s debut in 2000, though, games have come a hell of a long way. In the freedom stakes, we’ve got big ol’ free-roamy extravaganzas like Grand Theft Auto V, Skyrim and The Witcher to deal with. How can this spangly new Hitman compete?

By giving us more scenarios, mission parameters and such than ever, that’s how. Take an ogle at the launch trailer for the episodic Hitman, the first part of which hits on March 11:

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