Hitman Absolution Tries to Fool You with Disguise Trailer (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - October 20, 2012

The thing with Hitman games is you can always just run and gun slaughtering targets and anybody else dumb enough to be in the way of your bullets or swinging machete. It's hard to resist that temptation to go "Rambo" when you've been frustrated after hours of trying to do it things the right way; the stealthy way. With this latest trailer, focused on the use of disguises in the game, you're given every reason to use deception to blend in with the crowd or scene and sneak up on unsuspecting targets. There really is more payoff by being an assassin who lives in the shadows. This isn't God of War, afterall.

Have a look at Hitman Absolution and how to use disguises now and you'll be ready to go stealthy in no time.