Hitman Absolution Has Agent 47 Creeping Up on Showering Women Now (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - July 12, 2012

There really shouldn't be any hurt feelings over how Square Enix is pushing Hitman Absolution. This game is all about the main character, Agent 47, and what he's willing and expected to do in order to complete his assignments. The fact that he's a professional assassin would suggest that he's capable of doing all sorts of awful things if it will help him kill the folks he's being paid to kill.

Nuns in hot pants? They gotta go. A woman in a shower? If she stay dirty, she might still be alive.

In this latest trailer, that we missed because holidays shouldn't be in the middle of the week (thanks July 4th), we're getting a Lana Del Rey track along with some sneaky Agent 47 moves. Enjoy the irony of the song's title "Video Game" and the inevitable doom the Hitman brings.