Hilary Duff’s Bikini is in Good Shape

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bill-swift - June 27, 2007

I know I don't normally post about Hilary Duff, but that's because I normally find her completely unattractive. Never let it be said that I'm too stubborn to change my mind, though. After seeing this video from Hilary Duff's bikini photoshoot for Shape Magazine, I definitely think she's worth a second chance.

One thing I found particularly impressive, besides the fact that Hilary actually looks pretty here, is how incredible her abs are. It almost looks like her abs are made from ginat Lego blocks, and just fit right into place. Whatever her secret is, she more than deserves to be on the cover of a magazine that calls itself Shape.

Still, there is the fact that Hilary starts talking about how much it sucks to have people taking your picture in a bikini, all the while, there are people taking her picture in a bikini, so I'm not giving her too much credit. She does look good in that bikini, though...