Hilary Duff Sports Some Tiny Daisy Dukes In NYC

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michael-garcia - July 8, 2016

Hilary Duff tried to beat the heat in New York City in a pair of cut-off daisy dukes. It's hot as balls here in NYC right now and most places don't have AC, so you have to find ways to stay cool. It's a glorious time of year in the Big Apple because women flash a lot of skin. Hilary knows what's up. She's got a gorgeous pair of legs strengthened no doubt by doing mom stuff. I've been ogling Hilary for many years. I've seen her blossom from a teen star to a MILF I'd very much like to F. She's got a pair of funbags I would really love to motorboat until dawn. I had no idea she was in my city. I really need to go find her and buy her a cupcake and an iced coffee. In the summertime that is the way to a woman's heart. Any woman, even famous ones.

I'm very glad that the Daisy Dukes have made a comeback. As a small child I became aware of women from Daisy Duke herself on The Dukes of Hazard. Her and Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. Oh, Lynda.  


Photo Credit: Splash