Hilary Duff Booty in Mom Jeans

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aldo-vallon - August 23, 2017

 It is a true testament to the talent of the tush on Hilary Duff that it can make mom jeans look good. That is no easy task.  Filling out jeans with the right proportions while not ending up looking too lumpy or bulbous is easier to be seen than done. And it is certainly easy to gaze upon her. I cannot get my butcher to give me cuts of meat that are beefier than what she is packing. Maybe that means it is time for me to get a new butcher. Emilio is a good man but he has cataracts and it is really starting to affect his work. He is down to only eight fingers and the last time I went in there he tried selling me spam that he molded into the shape of a t-bone steak. As far as I know he never found the fingers. The spam was not half bad. It is sad to say out loud, but I have had worse steaks in my life. But I would eat a dozen of them if it meant Hilary would keep stuffing those jeans.  


Photo Credit: Backgrid