Hilaria Thomas Knocked Up by Alec Baldwin But Still Sporting Bikini in New Orleans

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bill-swift - February 5, 2013

I guess once you marry a guy, there's little scandal in being knocked up with his baby, even if he is twice your age. So it goes for yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas, now Hilaria Baldwin, who carries the offspring of 30 Rock actor Alec Baldwin in her babymaking parts somewhere, none of which deterred her from baring her body in a bikini in New Orleans over the Super Bowl weekend.

Now, we have zero problem with older men marrying younger women, or even breeding until the day they can no longer sire, in fact, it remains our plan for the golden years because we can never foresee a day when making many babies with hot young women becomes a chore of any kind. So, good on you, Alec. And good on you, crunchy natural yoga instructor Hilaria for showing off the amorous offshoot of your much older man to the whole world. Enjoy.

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