Highlights of Gamescom 2013: Boozing, Wrist Blades and Dramatic Slo-mo from Assassin’s Creed IV- Black Flag (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - August 29, 2013

The next Ego-favorite to drop the trailertastic at the show was Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. This sandbox romp through the Caribbean promises to be the biggest, badass-iest installment yet, with a renewed focus upon all things stealthy.

Homicidal crazies will be pleased to note the blood spraying wantonly from bodily orifices, but this trailer also offers something more subtle: clandestine creepings across rooftops and silent blowgun deaths from afar. Just like the ninjas of feudal Japan, if they ever decided to don pirate fancy dress costumes before setting off for work. Which they didn't, as that would've done little for the whole low-profile thing they had going on.

"There he is! Get the guy in the frilly coat and thereallyshit hat!" That wouldn't have done at all.

New protagonist Edward Kenway seems to pull it off with aplomb though, as you'll see above. For bonus excitement, the new swashbuckling setting also gives ample opportunity to show off some slow-motion rum drinking. Take a look.