Hey, ‘Iron Man 3’, We Love Your Posters But Howz About a New Trailer Already

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bill-swift - March 2, 2013

Yet another Iron Man 3 poster, this time the international one-sheet, has been released. The imagery is pretty evocotive, taking place just after the destruction of Stark's Malibu mansion which is given a viking funeral in the Pacific Ocean in an attack from (presumably) the Mandarin--which I pray, pray, leads to the death of Gwyneth Paltrow. There's also a flurry of Iron Men flying up behind  T. Stark, either it's a family reunion or shit's about to get real.

And while the print campaign for Iron Man 3 has been a lot of fun, with some great character one-sheets (still waiting for that Rebecca Hall one fellas), with the May 3rd release date looming, I could really use a new trailer here, You know, one with some idea of what the hell the plot is? Thanks.

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