Hethielly Beck Wears A Gold Bikini For A 138 Photoshoot In Malibu

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bill-swift - January 20, 2015

Brazilian model Hethielly Beck used her considerable assets to shill really expensive water brand 138 Water. Hethielly, who has some mighty fine funbags, looks amazing in this gold swimsuit. It sort of reminds me of the metal bikini that Princess Leia sported in Return of the Jedi. To the men of my generation that's the greatest compliment you can pay someone. But let me tell you about her thumper, my friends. It is unreal. It's so taut and tight. You could bounce a quarter off her booty. Every day it seems that this overpriced water brand provides us with some wonderful things to look at. I am not sure if it is some kind of magic formula or if it's some kind of holy elixir that bestows boobtacular powers.

What I do know is that it seems that anyone who drinks of this water is totally hot. Maybe I'm falling for some advertising hoobajoob, I don't know.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet