He’s A Genius: This Guy Slaps Women’s Butts and Calls It Music (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - February 22, 2013

This is Spanish percussionist Jorge Pérez of patáx and he's using an instrument (well, four instruments, actually) that will make him the envy of men the world over: thonged female bottoms. Hot women's butts. Sexy buttocks. Shapely asses. Whatever you prefer to call it, Jorge is there, slapping away at them as if he did it everyday (which he probably does, by the looks of it.)

Surprisingly, he does manage to create some rhythmic beats with his bare-bottomed lady friends. We want to give Jorge our admiration and a request for future videos: how about using jugs and melons as your instruments of choice in the future? And by that, we don't mean water containers or fruit at all.

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