Here’s A Closer Ogle At The New ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Content

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chris-littlechild - March 18, 2016

  So here it comes. We’ve seen the first slice of Star Wars Battlefront DLC. There’s no campaign involved, regardless of John Boyega (Finn himself)’s protests. It’s plain ol’ disjointed missions or nothing, buddy boy, and no turncoat Stormtrooper is going to change that. You don’t eff with EA, the true Dark Lords of the Sith.  

Anywho, enough of what we aren’t getting. Let’s be the positive, glass-half-full guys that those shitty after school specials always wanted us to be. Let’s take an ogle at what we are getting in the new expansion, Outer Rim.

As we've already seen, the DLC brings four new maps, the Extraction game mode, new weapons and star cards and two playable heroes. If you’ve ever wanted to gun your way through Jabba’s palace as Greedo, the legendary Han-didn’t-shoot-first-unless-he-did green dude, this new content has your name all over it.

Check it out in action here. The new trailer features Han looking much less gray than when we saw him last, some pretty funky weapons and many, many exploding Stormtroopers. Good times all around.  

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