Here are Some NFL Picks with Cheerleader Pics for Week Four

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michael-garcia - September 29, 2012

Unpredictability, baby. That's what the NFL (and Vegas!) loves about any given Sunday. I was terrible last week, going mumble for mumble bringing my (pathetic) three week total to 9-9. Inconceivable!

This week I'm feeling really good about the six picks. I'm taking some teams traveling clear across the country to win and lose. Not the same team to win and lose, that would be ridiculous. I have some road winners in here too, and I think the Cowboys and Bears should play a pretty good game on Monday. It's in the Jerry Dome, so I think they 'Boys pull that one out.

That one's for free, to see the rest of the picks, click through that gallery right there. Do it!

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