Here Are Some NFL Picks with Cheerleader Pics for Week Eight

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michael-garcia - October 27, 2012

I started picking games against the spread last week and went 3-3. Not terrible, and if I were betting real money, I would have broken even. I've been asking for a corporate account so I can actually bet real money and make this more legit, but so far I keep getting denied. Egotastic! Editor-in-Chief Bill Swift slurred something about not having any petty cash leftover, but then the intern walks in with a 30-pack of Milwaukee's Best at 9:30am. I get it!

So this week I'm actually taking a handful of road teams even though winning on the road in the NFL is extremely difficult. In fact, I'm picking eight games this week and taking three road dogs. Then again, without the Egotastic! pre-paid corporate card and its $185 limit, there's nothing to lose.My buddy D.A. the Lions fan also thinks I'm a tad crazy for taking the Packers at -15.5 over the Jags. It should be noted that D.A. is really good at picking games, but that doesn't mean he can tell me what's what.

The Pack is at home and the Jags are miserable, so I don't think it's it out the realm of possibility at all to see this as a huge blowout. One more thing, I've never disclosed this here, but I'm a die-hard Dolphins fan, and yes I'm taking them to cover at the Jets. Betting with your heart (or at all, probably) is never a good idea, but I feel good about this one.

As always, I used the current lines from MGM-Mirage courtesy of Vegas.com

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