Hello Say You To the Star of the First ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff Movie

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bill-swift - February 6, 2013

Harry Knowles over at Aint It Cool News is reporting that he has inside information linking Yoda as the first Star Wars universe character to given his own spinoff movie now that Disney owns Lucasfilm. And just in case you've forgotten, Knowles also wrote this glowing review of Attack of the Clones, praising the film's romance, dialogue exchanges and then wrote with contempt for people who hated the inane plot of the film because us idiots thought 'it was just too convoluted. Too dense. Too complicated to get' and thank God he was here to 'explain very easily what is going on here.' A decade later and that still gets under my skin.

So while I won't ever trust a review that comes from him, he is very good at breaking a story and so if he is saying that Kathleen Kennedy's Star Wars slate outside of the new sequel trilogy will be a Yoda-focused film, I'll believe him. No word yet of course when it will be set, but I just hope (probably idiotically), that they'll bring back the muppet version. Or at least a hybrid puppet/cgi creation like they did with Where the Wild Things Are. I just can't look at another CGI-rendering of the Jedi master again. What Star Wars ancillary characters do you want see get their own film? Check out the gallery for a few of our favorites.

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