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bill-swift - January 18, 2013

You may be asking yourself right about now, why would Egotastic! be changing the look and feel of its website design. I mean, would somebody go and re-sculpt Michelangelo's David, or try to write an extra verse to Stairway to Heaven? Well, the answer to that is simply, our current site design is no masterpiece. It mostly kind of sucks. I mean, it was cool several years ago, just like that mustache you still have, but now it's gotten old and outdated and it's time for an upgrade.So, we're moving away from the straight old blogroll format to a more magazine style layout. Same content, but laid out on the homepage so you can more easily pick and choose what you want to read or watch, without having to roll through page after page of every story published. It's like having all ten working girls at the Bunny Ranch right in front of you, instead of having to flip through that damn picture book. I hate that. Who knows who touched it before you?

Additionally, this new format allows the site to be responsive to whatever device you're visiting us from. So it will essentially look the same on computer, tablet, or mobile, with three columns turning to two or one, depending on the width of your browser. But it's the same site look and feel so you can access the site through any device and navigate it the same way. This is cool. This is very cool. And very easy.

Now, if you're reading this, it's because you got randomly selected to be a beta tester of one of two new similar, but slightly different homepage new looks and designs. What we'd love for you to do is just go about your happy happy fun business, check it out, and, if you have comments, good or bad, please let us know what you think through DESIGN FEEDBACK under the Contact Us list. Be as specifici as possible in your comments. I've heard enough 'You fucking suck' comments from my parents over the years. Give me something real.

Yeah, it'll take you two minutes, but you'll feel so damn good afterward. Trust. Enjoy.

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