Hell Yeah, Call It a Comeback… Demi Lovato Takes to the Stage in Rio

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bill-swift - April 24, 2012

We're ever so happy for the vibrant return of vibrantly hot young diva Demi Lovato, who took some ill turns in 2011, but is making the current year her voyeuristic bitch, with a newly refashioned curvy body and back to full time work pleasing tweens around the world with her poppy music and pleasing men around the world with her peeping opportunities.

On stage in Rio, Demi showed why she's an ogle-worthy force to be reckoned with, and while she didn't wardrobe malfunction like Miley, or grab her crotch like Rihanna, Demi has her own way of still inducing lust, a little bit old school, a little bit new school, but either way, a visual lesson well worth learning. Enjoy.