Heidi Klum Crop Top Hot Mom Delights

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bill-swift - June 30, 2016

There's nothing more enticing than a veteran hottie who knows how badly you want to invite her for a naked cruise in your inflatable dinghy. If three hour tour turned into three years on a tropic island castaway with nobody but each other to procreate with reckless abandon, so be it. Forties and faptastic hot blonde mommy Heidi Klum more than fits this bill. While embracing her young boy toy on the regular, still a technically single rich hot and available bachelorette on the passive prowl for the next successful mate. I think I just teared up.

Heidi's been taping her America's Got Talent for no other reason than people like seeing her on television, or anywhere for that matter. Parading around Manhattan in a tight crop top is enough to get the likes of me and ten million of my closest friends to leer incessantly at her statuesque body and wonder what couples shower night might look like as her lucky bastard boyfriend. I think she has like seventeen kids now. That's what boarding schools were meant for. Heidi, you're covering tuition. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews/Splash