Heidi Klum and Victoria Justice Bring Some Inter-Generational Hotness to the Nick HALO Awards

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bill-swift - October 28, 2011

The last time Nick Cannon teamed up with anybody, he made Mariah Carey enormously pregnant, so we got a little nervous reading about Nick teaming up with Nickelodeon for the HALO Awards, honoring teens who do good public service. But, it turned out to be a great cause for all, because a number of celebrity hotties showed up to support Nick and Nick in their social honoring, including the MILFtastic Heidi Klum and the young sextastic wunderkind, Victoria Justice, both of whom could give a guy several ideas about how to better their personal communities. Pretty amazing to think that Heidi Klum is old enough to be Victoria Justice's mother, at least in my mom-daughter fantasies where I assure you each evening, Heidi is a very strict head of household, and Victoria is a very naughty girl. Enjoy.