Heidi Klum and Brooklyn Decker Jogging? Stop the Insanity!

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bill-swift - July 13, 2011

Heidi Klum has some deal with media monster AOL where she gets to go jogging every morning with another sexy hot model chick. All I ever got from AOL was five additional cycles of billing after I tried to cancel my account. Life sometimes seems to favor super hot women.

This morning's workout partner for Heidi Klum? Oh, just world-class hottie and sextastic boobtastic Brooklyn Decker. I just can't help but feel that whoever came up with this idea has been reading the dream journal I keep on my nightstand. We won't know for sure until the post-jogging shower time. If Heidi drops the soap and Brooklyn goes for it -- yep, they're plagiarizing my journal. Enjoy.