Heather Morris Brings Bare-Midriff Glee to Manchester

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bill-swift - June 24, 2011

Surprise surprise, there are dotty young girls and musical-loving gay dudes (and girlfriend-whipped Glee watchers like myself) in Jolly Old England too, because they showed up in droves to see the Glee concert tour stop in Manchester last evening, and at least the dudes with scars across their backside from emotional lashings got the treat of seeing sexy Heather Morris donning about as racy as Glee gets costume on stage, flashing her boobtastic and a taut bare-midriff that kinda almost would've made the show bearable, or at least in retrospect, fappable. Still, if you were at the show last night, be wise and lie to your buddies about what you did last night. Enjoy.