Heather Graham Wins a Lifetime Achievement Award; It All Makes Sense in the Bahamas

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bill-swift - December 7, 2011

Let's be honest, the Bahamas International Film Festival isn't exactly Cannes or Sundance, it's got to dig a little deep to get the bigger named thespianics to visit the tiny island nation in support of cinema. So, first thing you do to attract talent, well, you just be the Bahamas in December with an average monthly weather outlook of warm and sunny beaches. That helps. The next thing you do is find a veteran hottie like Heather Graham and give her a Lifetime Achievement Award for her acting talents. Now, no doubt, we've been delighting in the sextastic wonderments of Heather Graham for pretty much our entire lifetime, or at least since we started locking ourselves in the bathroom for privacy, but this still seems like a bit of a cinematic stretch. But, it's the Bahamas, baby. And Heather Graham brought her A-hottie-game out for the show and earned every inch of her every hot inch. 

Congratulations, Heather. Enjoy.