Heather Graham Still Got the Cleavage Mojo Working at ‘Hangover 3’ Premiere

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bill-swift - May 22, 2013

Here's to hoping that Hangover 3 re-captures some of the brilliance from the original and ties it all together in a neat little cinematic package. And here's to even greater hoping that Heather Graham will be sitting next to me in the theater letting me share some of her popcorn. And, by popcorn, of course, I mean her still delicious looking body that was on display last night at the Hollywood premiere of the film.

Now, some of you have been leering at Heather Graham since her teen coming out hottie party in License to Drive with the two Corey's back in the 80's. Others since Boogie Nights for sure. And some newcomers since seeing her in About Cherry. Either way, you've felt the rush of Heather Graham inspired tingly happy feelings. They really never go away. And at 43, she's still delivering the very same. Good on you, Heather. Enjoy.

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