Heather Graham Red Carpet Red Hotness Still Makes Us Feel Extra Special Tingly

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bill-swift - January 25, 2012

Hard to imagine but it's been 15 years since Boogie Nights and Swingers put Heather Graham onto the libidinal maps of every man and woman digging woman on this planet above the age of first lust and, quite frankly, it's been a non-stop run of Heather-desire in the years since, speaking on our own personal desire-meter behalves.

Turning 42 this week, Heather Graham still well brings the super hot celebrity heat both onscreen in baring daring roles and at public dress-up events, like the Rachel Zoe event last night where Rachel was honored for being a super person, and where Heather Graham hit the red carpet in a red dress that ever reminded us of our fantasy to not eat for three days straight then find Heather Graham in our bedroom wrapped from head to toe in nothing but a ginormous Tropical flavored Fruit Rollup.  Oh, yes, on that night we would get the flavor of 10% real fruit juice the old fashioned way. 

Thank you, Heather, for continuing to just look hot. Enjoy.