Heather Graham Forties and Faptastic Hotness in Manhattan

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bill-swift - October 28, 2017

Heather Graham always looks amazing. Even when she's out to promote some craptastic NBC show about the Menendez murders a quarter century ago. You know how people can't stop talking about those Menendez boys. 

Heather was pimping her NBC murder retrospective on Sirius, in some kind of not too revealing, but body hugging outfit. The Forties and Faptastic blonde siren and hall of fame topless actress, still knows she's incredibly sextastic, but with her veteran status isn't doing the daring do with her wardrobes any more. A hint of respectability looks good on a woman. I mean, in public, versus when we're alone and I will simply not allow anything dignified to occur.

We could do with more Heather Graham appearances. The sweet racktastic thespian who takes many chances, all of them involving her most memorable mammaries. Job well done. Minus this useless Menendez thing, naturally. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Backgrid