Heather Graham Ageless Bikinilicious Bod

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earl-jonas - July 25, 2017

The sensationally sexy Heather Graham took one look at this thing we call age and said: "F u, I'm busy." The forty-seven-year-old blonde shows off her unreal bikini body in a new Instagram picture with the caption "Off for a swim." And where exactly is this swimming hole? And what exactly do I have to do to see you take off that bikini?"

Graham joins the celeb vampire society with elite members such as Elizabeth Hurley and Kate Beckinsale. Honestly, just take a long gander at this woman! Gorgeous. She looks like none other than Barbie herself in this Insta portrait - which is marginally interesting since both Barbie and Graham hail from the great state of Wisconsin and sought fame under the bright lights of Hollywood. BTW that's the true back story behind Barbie. You're welcome. Graham has been on a bikini roll this summer, and we can only help that the positive feedback inspires her to wear increasingly skimpy outfits. And then just, you know, nothing at all.


Photo Credit: Instagram