He-Man Is Back! (VIDEO)

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michael-garcia - July 18, 2016


When I was seven all I wanted for Christmas was Castle Greyskull and a crapload of He-Man toys. My grandparents, being the awesome people that they were, obliged. He-Man's TV show was a gloriously goofy series of adventures of a prince in velvet pants that would turn into rough trade butch He-Man and, along with his mustached buddy Man At Arms, would fight against the high-pitched Skeletor. Sure, much like the Transformers it was mainly a ploy to sell toys, but it was incredible. I even liked the horrible Cannon Films Dolph Lundgren movie. So, it is with great joy and some trepidation that I greeted the news that He-Man was coming back. The first episode of a new Masters of the Universe series is set to premiere at Dan Diego Comic-Con on the 20th, but we got a preview in the above video of Skeletor mistreating his employees.

Will it be good or terrible? It's hard to say. The original show was pretty bad but in an oh so good way. I just hope this isn't bad in a "Oh, God make it stop!" kind of way. 

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