Hayden Panettiere Deep Cleavage for Deep Giving at Charity Auction

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bill-swift - November 27, 2013

I'm not exactly sure what the RED auction in New York was for last night, but I do know that Hayden Panettiere brought her big open heart to the even, intent to show it off with a very low cut revealing dress, flashing a ton of sweet Hayden cleavage on the red carpet. It certainly put me into the giving mood. I just gave ten minutes away to staring lecherously at the little minx's faptastic hot body.

It's not fair to say that Hayden Panettiere is underrated, since so many of you lust so deeply for the bosomy petite thespianic. But it's fair to say she is left off most top hotties lists toward the end of the year. Maybe because of her diminutive statures or maybe everybody is just scared they will misspell her last name as I do half the time. But she deserves recognition. And if she has to keep showing off her boobtastic to get that done, so be it. And good. Enjoy.