Hayden Panettiere Brought the Knockout Legs to Ringside Seats in Germany

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bill-swift - April 30, 2014

Hayden Panettiere somehow manages to have long luscious legs despite her diminutive stature, quite a bit shorter than her tall boxing boyfriend that she went to go watch pummel some dude in Germany over the weekend. I can imagine it's inspiring as a fighter knowing that your prize and her sweet lady stems are waiting for you after the fight as your reward for pre-fight abstinence. I'd go for the knockout blow too and then back to the hotel room for a little nursing of the wounds with Hayden. That must be nice, especially after a victory in the ring. Though I'd take some sympathy comfort after a loss equally as well.

For all the professional ring girls in the world, many of them quite alluring, I'll take petite hottie Hayden by my turnbuckle, showing off her legs and giving me visions of an interesting evening ahead. I think with proper motivation I could be a world class boxer too, or maybe get off the couch before 10am or something dramatic like that. Enjoy.

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