Hayden Panettiere And Her Short Skirt Is Going to Cause a Fapping Chain Reaction

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bill-swift - May 19, 2012

I kind of get the whole Hayden Panettiere craze, but not quite like some of you. The crayon drawn letters we get from some of you with your hearts on your sleeves (at least, it looks like hearts) going on and on about petite blonde minxy Hayden Panettiere, well, it's pretty clear why your mom has to scream at home about why the Intensive Care hand lotion bottle is empty again.

And, now, Hayden has hit the streets of the Big Apple in some kind of futuristic leathery stormtrooper in a miniskirt look that I'm quite certain is going to cause the collective thud of basement bedroom doors closing, and yet another reason for mom to get peeved. That little hot body, those legs, yep, we won't be calling you to hit the mall arcade for at least four to eleven hours. Enjoy.