Have A Trontastic July With Xbox and Games With Gold

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chris-littlechild - June 30, 2016

  So here it is. Earlier this morning, we took a look at PS Plus subscribers’ crop of free games for July. It wasn’t half bad, either; everyone likes a bit of Saints Row and Furi’s looking pretty sweet. But you know what Sony and Microsoft are like, always bitching about each other and finding half-assed little ways to put each other down, like with that whole backwards compatibility thing. 

It’s like they’re husband and wife. I don’t know who’s taking which role, but I do know that it’s a monthly contest to see whose lineup is best. And with that segue, let’s see what Games With Gold is bringing to the table for July.

There are four games on their way to the store for download, two each for Xbox One and Xbox 360. For the One, that’s tactical RPG The Banner Saga 2 (available throughout July) and action-puzzler Tumblestone (from July 16-August 15).

Down 360 way, you can get yourself the guntastic goodness of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Vegas 2, from July 1-15. After that, craptacular game-of-the-movie Tron: Evolution is up for download, from July 16- 31.

Nothing for me this month, but I’m sure puzzle-loving Tron fans everywhere are more than happy with the selection. If they also happen to read Tom Clancy, so much the better.

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