Harrison Ford Confirms He Is in Talks to Appear in a Pretty Major Sequel to a Sci-Fi Classic!

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bill-swift - October 11, 2013

For months now, speculation has swirled that Hollywood legend Harrison Ford would be reprising one of his most famous roles in an upcoming sequel. Now we finally have confirmation that Ford has indeed been in talks for the picture.

That's right. I'm talking about...Blade Runner 2.

Wait, you thought I was talking about Star Wars: Episode VII? Oh, right. I can see you might have thought that. But no, there has yet to be official confirmation on the front. Like I said, I'm talking about Blade Runner 2. The project is officially in the works, and though it's early, Harrison Ford recently confirmed with IGN that he is talking about reprising his role as replicant-hunter Rick Deckard.

Unfortunately, if Ford really does do Blade Runner 2, it's not going to be for a while. Director Ridley Scott will be starting work on Exodus—yes, a bible movie starring Christian Bale—some time after The Counselor opens in a few weeks. And only after that's finished will he be able to turn his attention to Blade Runner 2.

Still, it's worth getting excited about. Blade Runner is one of the greatest sci-fi flicks of all-time. If you haven't seen the original, drop what you are doing RIGHT NOW and go watch it.