Harley Quinn Hits ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’

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chris-littlechild - July 4, 2015

Once again, Ego-gents: how go your travails with Batman: Arkham Knight? Maybe you're already done. Maybe you're up to your 'nads in collectibles hunting. Maybe you're pissed at the whole The Batmobile: Featuring Batman thing the game has going on. Whatever your deal is, this'll probably be welcome news: change is a-coming.

Well, as ‘welcome' as the ever-bastardly concept of preorder exclusive DLC can be. Today, we're having a quick ogle at the Harley Quinn content pack. And a quick ogle it'll have to be, because there's slim to eff all here, really.

This brief side story adds all of half an hour to the game, and sees us playing as --obviously-- the Joker's objet d'lust. It's set in the Blüdhaven Police Department, and is a prequel to Arkham Knight proper. As Destructoid reports, the core combat is mostly unchanged from the main game, but it's Harley's approach and/or batshit madness that sets her gameplay apart.

Stealth sections? Nuts to them. Who has time for that kind of BS? In this content, we have ‘Predator' sections, in which Harley's takedowns make as much ridiculous noise as possible and will always alert the guards. She's got a couple shadier gadgets in her utility belt as well, and let's not even get started on her mayhem ability.

Hit the trailer below for a slice of what's on offer in the exclusive story mission (yep, singular).